Langtang National Park Botanical Trek

Botanical Treks & Excursion, the local trekking operators organizes the amazing journeys to Langtang National park Botanical trek.  The Langtang valley is very popular for Botanical trek in Nepal. This Langtang botanical trek or Nepal botanical tour in the langtang valley is one of the best trips in Nepal. Langtang National Park is situated in the North of central Nepal, about 60 km (aerial distance) north of Kathmandu. Bhote Koshi and Trishuli River define the region to the west, Tibetan Autonomous Region of China to the north and east.  It is located in between the latitudes 28.00 o – 28.20 o N and the longitudes 85.15 o – 86.00 o E. It comprises 1,710 sq. km. total area. Two major river systems: Trishuli on the west and Sun Koshi in the east with many of its tributaries that originate from Langtang Lirung (7,245 m) and Himalchuli (7,864 m) drain the park catchments.