Nepal doubles tiger’s population


Nepal has achieved an impressive feat for an endangered species. We have doubled the population of Tiger, giving hopes and inspiring many other countries to do the same. Tiger is one of the most endangered species of wild cats if not the whole animal kingdom. Since most parts of lands where their natural habitat is, has been occupied by humans to create houses or farms. These beautiful cats were left with only 7% of what they had.

So how did we manage to achieve these impressive feat? Well, the first step was to stop the poaching of tigers. If the government could not always be there to stop the poaching, they thought of one brilliant way to manage that. They did not hire anyone by opening a vacancy or giving the contract to a private conservationist. Instead, the Government of Nepal hired the locals to take care of their surroundings, forests and look for any illegal activities in collaboration with the Forest Department of Nepal.

This step proved to be very effective, since the locals were always present there, it was very difficult to do any illegal activities. Besides these, drones were used to monitor the usual trafficking routes of poachers, giving them little to no chance of harming these beautiful creatures.

With clever thinking, proper planning and understandable collaboration, Nepal has proved to that unthinkable can be done with sheer determination. We from Botanical Treks and Excursion, congratulate and thanks the Government of Nepal and the locals contribution in helping save the endangered species. The majestic and beautiful predator, The Tiger.

Since 2011, we have also successfully clocked 7 years without a record of poaching of Rhinos.