Trekking Experience from our guest, Harold


Last May of 2018, our guest and friend Harold had planned to trek to EBC – Jiri. We went to greet him up at the airport where he had landed during the evening of 6th of May. The next day was all fun, with having jet lags and giving time for body to recover from it, we all took a stroll down the  Swayambhu Nath Temple also known as the “Monkey Temple”.

The next day, May 8th in the morning we all headed to our destination. With happy faces and a desire for adventurous memories we drove east of Kathmandu through heavy traffic.

On May 8th, we rested at a hotel there. Harold even mentioned that he liked the hotel’s comfy bed. The hotel was destroyed during the massive Gorkha Earthquake, but they did a good job re building it. The next morning we continued our journey from Jiri to Shivalaya. After a good walk among the nature, we reached Shivalaya and rested at a tea house.

The journey so far seemed very pleasing as all of us were very happy to be sharing our experiences along the trails. The next day, we started early as there were more steeps to climb and more stairs to step on. We left for our next stop at around 0700 at the morning.

Along the way to the base camp, we all got to live a Nepali life style. With fresh home made like lunches and dinners and gathering around local community, everything made the journey even more special. We all got to see life that is independent of technologies that we are used to. The struggle, smile and love of the community gave us more energy to keep going.

Harold maintains a blog, where he expresses all his experiences in a beautifully crafted words. Our journey to Jiri-EBC-Lukla started from May 8th and we all returned back to Kathmandu on June 9th. We would like to thank Harold for writing such beautiful articles about his experience in trekking with our team. We hope to see you again for a next trip.



The different between hiking and trekking



Hiking means you are walking from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. Hiking a day trip that requires little planning and organization. It’s basically just walking on trails. Hiking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness and it is also called a pleasure walk. It is more of a slow walk that one does while enjoying breeze, the beauty of nature. You can go hiking in any beautiful natural environment like: Forests, hills and mountains are absolutely perfect. This is an excellent way to clear your mind whilst being surrounded by nature. Hiking will improvements in both your physical and mental health too. Hiking bring hikers connect with themselves and nature in a way that brings about peace and a sense of well-being. Before heading, familiarize yourself with the trail map and Follow marked paths and trails. Check the weather, and dress and pack accordingly. Do not hike alone at first, especially on unfamiliar or remote trails. A partner or group can help you navigate and assist if you get hurt.

Here are some Best hiking destination in Nepal:


Trekking is an outdoor recreational activity of hiking or walking for more than a day. Therefor trekking is more challenging than hiking because you will be walking for multiple days in a row. Trekking usually takes places in the area of great natural beauty, usually in the mountain areas without any means of transport. A trek can last anything from days to months, and it is definitely a challenge. The objective of trekking is not just the particular destination, but the journey itself. Before heading, do research about the locations, you may have the option to stay at small lodges, mountain huts or even bed and breakfasts along the way. Trekking is the best way to experience a modest pace, observing nature, rural communities, and spectacular mountain panoramas. Trekking is not a climbing trip, but it is also done in risky mountain areas so it will help to gain more adventurous. Trekking in mountain gives travelers an up-close view of incredible scenery. To be a trekker they must have to these things that are Budget, Holiday, willing to do adventure. In case of Nepal, Nepal has many places where people can easily do trek for 3 days up to 3 months.

Here are some Best Trekking destination in Nepal:


Paragliding in Nepal


Well, Himalayan region is truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure seekers. Paragliding is a seasonal sport and best flying seasons in Nepal are: November to February. And the best months are November and December. Pokhara is the famous destination for Paragliding. In Pokhara, Sarangkot will be the place from where you will flying During the paraglide, which is at an altitude of 1592 meters and just 2.4 km due north of Lakeside in Pokhara (593 m). At that time will be enjoy the breathtaking mountain views for example: Annapurna massif, Machhapurchhre etc.In additional, beautiful lakes, stunning peaks, spectacular overhead view of the city along with the monasteries, and picturesque landscape. There have various types of flights like: Tandem Flight, Cross Flight, Cloud Flight, and Acrobatic Flight etc. so, you can choose whatever you want to have an adventures experience.

During the Paragliding Safety is very much Safety is taken very seriously indeed; after all, you’ll be flying at pretty high altitudes. Equipment used by all the commercial operators is top-notch, and the pilots are certified and experienced. Flights last from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on weather conditions and you!

Paragliding in Nepal is not only about the thrills but also it’s about learning something that will make you real proud for the rest of your life. This is a truly fantastic and pleasing that any adventure lover can feel so, inviting them to fly along this “sky highway”


Spending Winter Holidays in Nepal


Nepal known as paradise of Earth, wonderful natural beauty, abundance of wildlife and richness of culture and lifestyle. We have slogan “Nepal for all season”.  From the mid of December to mid-February are winter time in Nepal

During the winter time low land of Nepal are also pretty cold and weather is foggy in the morning but in the day time it is usual as other season. During your winter holiday in Nepal you can enjoy the best ever snowfall in the mountain region. Winter holiday is also known as budget friendly season where hotel and transportation rate, airfare and other many causes; traveler can have quality services and facilities with low cost. So all things would be affordable for any kinds of traveler whether they would be luxurious or budgetary during Winter Season.

Winter holiday includes city tour, day hiking, short trekking and Mountain flight, sunrise and sunset tours etc where you can enjoy a mixture of history and culture of Kathmandu and its surrounding areas and explore the richness and ingenuity of Newari / nepali cuisine. You can also enjoy with snowcapped breathtaking panoramic long range mountains views of Himalayas by mountain flight and this is the right time to paraglide up to the lofty heights for a better look.

Here are popular places that are worth abandoning the warmth of your homes for in winter.

For travel destinations:

  1. Kathmandu (Temple City in the World)
  2. Pokhara (world famous paradise and Heritage City)
  3. Lumbini (Lord Buddha born place)
  4. Chitwan / Bardiya National Park (world famous Jungle safari wildlife)

For trekking destination:

  1. Chisapani Nagarkot
  2. Kalinchowk Trek
  3. Ghandruk
  4. Ghorepani
  5. Namche Bazaar
  6. Everest view Trek
  7. Annapurna Base Camp trek
  8. Thak Khola Valley


Jungle Safari in Nepal


Nepal has a total of 9 National Parks, 3 wildlife reserves, 6 conservation areas and 1 hunting reserve covering a total of 28,999 sq km which is 19.7 % of the country’s total land. Nepal are rich in different kind of flora and wildlife, birds, such as the rare great one horned rhinoceros, several species of deer, bear leopard dolphin, crocodile, birds, tiger etc.

Jungle Safari in Nepal can be a very amazing experience fit for all age groups trekkers and travelers. March, April , September, October, November and December are best month for Jungle safari tour in Nepal. During the Jungle safari you also enjoy other activities like canoeing, nature walks, bird watching, excursions, and visit to an ethnic village etc

Chitwan National Park and Bardia National park are the best wildlife and nature viewing places in Asia and Koshi Tappu wildlife safari tour is most popular wildlife adventure destination in Nepal.

Nepal’s parks and reserves offer incredible Wildlife viewing opportunities just choose the best one to suit your time and interests.