The multi ethnic and multicultural Nepal has its own rich variety of dishes to offer. Nepalese food is not only rich in its taste but reflects the wide variety of culture and traditions. When you look deeper into the Nepali kitchen you will discover a new dish in every home for every occasion. Nepali dishes that you should try while in Nepal. Here are our top 5 favorites:

  1. Daal Bhat Tarkari

The expertise says that, the simple daal, bhaat, and tarkari as one of the most well balanced and lot of nutrients meal. Daal bhat tarkari is the daily meal eaten by all the Nepalese throughout the country.  Every Nepal household has the spiced lentil soup (daal) and steamed rice (bhat) along with curries, (Tarkari-Mash up of different vegetables or Meat curries) salad, pickles, papad and curd for at least twice. If you’ve been to Nepal or are currently in Nepal, there are lots of restaurants in Kathmandu mostly all tourist areas who makes this dish so appetizing for a plate of lip-smacking and finger-licking dal-bhat.

  1. Dhido –Gundruk

Dhido is a traditional Nepali food widely consumed in hilly and mountain region of Nepal. Dhido is a sugar-free and no salt dish made by continuously mixing hot boiling water and flours of stirring corn or buckwheat flower. It is usually eaten with Gundrook soup. Gundrook is dried and fermented green vegetable leaves. Which is slightly sour and tangy with very unique taste.  Some Nepali people calling it as their national dish.

  1. Newari Cuisine

Newari foods are very unique to any other ethnic people from other parts of Nation.  Every single rituals they perform or the festival they celebrate, food will be the most significant part of it. Newari foods are extremely spicy and has got unique attributes. It has over 200 varieties and made a special Newari set. The food plate consists of meat items like choila, Sukuti,alu tama, bara and types of pickle, beaten rice and many more. Newars are also commonly known for their home-brewed liquors, including Thwon and Aila. Newari foods are generally eaten with the bare hands.

  1. MOMO

No matter where you are in Nepal. You’ll find yourself consuming more momo’s than you could have ever imagined. Momos are bite-size dumplings with a meat or vegetable filling, wrapped in a dough accompanied by variety of spicy dipping sauce.  Momos are usually steamed, though they are sometimes fried or steam-fried.There have lots of varieties like: vegetable momo’s, chicken momo’s and buff (buffalo) momo’s,Mutton momo’s ,Pork momo’s, Banana momo’s,Khuwa momo’s,Tofu momo’s,Paneer momo’s etc

  1. Sel Roti

Sel Roti looks like a thin puffed doughnut. Sel Rotis are thinner as compared to a doughnut. It is reddish brown in color and has a crispy texture on the outside but soft on the inside. Sel roti is made of rice flour and deep-fried in butter. This dish mostly prepared during the festival of Tihar as a snack also they are served during many special occasions, such as weddings and holidays.  It is also prepared as an offering to gods during the pujas and ritualistic occasions. Sel Roti can be stored up to 20 days.