Thamel is the main tourist hub of Kathmandu which is located at the center of capital city Kathmandu, it’s just take 5 km away from Tribhuvan International Airport. Thamel is a wide range of market place for the tourists. Thamel has a vibrant ethnic culture practiced by its core population of the Newar community. In thamel there as lots of narrows street so, have Google maps on your phone so that you did not get lost. Thamel has numerous star and boutique hotels, restaurants and bars, travel agency and others. Many of the stores and restaurants in Thamel take international credit cards. Specially, for most low-budget travelers consider it a tourist haven so, Kathmandu provides wide range of hotels for accommodations as per your requirements and budget. You can enjoy authentic Nepali, Indian, Chinese, Continental and cuisines from all over the world also thamel has an incredible nightlife. By October 2017 Thamel was made a vehicle free area so that you can freely enjoy the every step. If you’re looking to find souvenirs or goods native to Nepal, this is your spot!