Hiking means you are walking from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. Hiking a day trip that requires little planning and organization. It’s basically just walking on trails. Hiking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness and it is also called a pleasure walk. It is more of a slow walk that one does while enjoying breeze, the beauty of nature. You can go hiking in any beautiful natural environment like: Forests, hills and mountains are absolutely perfect. This is an excellent way to clear your mind whilst being surrounded by nature. Hiking will improvements in both your physical and mental health too. Hiking bring hikers connect with themselves and nature in a way that brings about peace and a sense of well-being. Before heading, familiarize yourself with the trail map and Follow marked paths and trails. Check the weather, and dress and pack accordingly. Do not hike alone at first, especially on unfamiliar or remote trails. A partner or group can help you navigate and assist if you get hurt.

Here are some Best hiking destination in Nepal:


Trekking is an outdoor recreational activity of hiking or walking for more than a day. Therefor trekking is more challenging than hiking because you will be walking for multiple days in a row. Trekking usually takes places in the area of great natural beauty, usually in the mountain areas without any means of transport. A trek can last anything from days to months, and it is definitely a challenge. The objective of trekking is not just the particular destination, but the journey itself. Before heading, do research about the locations, you may have the option to stay at small lodges, mountain huts or even bed and breakfasts along the way. Trekking is the best way to experience a modest pace, observing nature, rural communities, and spectacular mountain panoramas. Trekking is not a climbing trip, but it is also done in risky mountain areas so it will help to gain more adventurous. Trekking in mountain gives travelers an up-close view of incredible scenery. To be a trekker they must have to these things that are Budget, Holiday, willing to do adventure. In case of Nepal, Nepal has many places where people can easily do trek for 3 days up to 3 months.

Here are some Best Trekking destination in Nepal: