Nepal draws a lot of tourist for a various reason. Some are lured by the call of the mountains and seeking to climb or trek in the Himalayas, others are attracted by its colorful and vibrant mix of culture and its famous cities. While some come in search of a spiritual awakening. More the less, Nepal can be just the right mix of culture, adventure and life-changing experience.

Most visitors spends sometime in the city of Kathmandu, visiting sacred and historical places and then move on to explore the beauty of the country’s nature in the other parts of the country. However, whenever we speak of Nepal there are quite the few things that strikes our mind at the start. We think of the capital city Kathmandu and we will relate Mount Everest to it.

Although, those are the most attractive places in Nepal, you would not be surprised to hear that there are more places, which are as attractive as Kathmandu or Mt. Everest. We have listed out the top 5 attractions in Nepal you can visit the next time you come in.

Trekking in the Annapurna Region
The Annapurna Region is one of the most popular trekking regions in the country. The option to trek around this region varies from few days to a few weeks. The Circuit trek around the mountain takes about 21 days to complete and is incredibly popular among trekkers who have enough time. The Annapurna Sanctuary rests between the peaks of Annapurna and takes five days to reach. The region has a good infrastructure to support many trekkers that come in through this area all year long. You do not have to worry about food and lodging as the place offers plenty of option for the travelers.

Lumbini is famous for being the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha. The attraction is situated off the main tourist track, almost 250 kilometers south from Kathmandu. The place is listed in as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and gives the feeling of tranquility and peace. You will meet with many Buddhist pilgrims from around the world who comes in to visit the place to retrace Buddha’s footsteps through the stations of his life. In the spot in where Buddha was Born, is situated the Maya Devi Temple, which is dedicated to Buddha’s mother. It contains an ancient stone relief from the 2nd century AD depicting Buddha’s birth.

Helambu Trekking
The Helambu region is a popular trekking destination, particularly among hikers who would like to have a less strenuous trek. This is largely because it is close to Kathmandu, does not reach astoundingly high elevations and offers beautiful mountain scenery. As for this very reason, many of the touring groups rate it as easy. But, trekking in Himalayas is always demanding and can be quite difficult to some trekkers out there as their expectation does not match the reality.

Upper Mustang Trek
The Upper Mustang trek can also be called a peak into the hidden world of Buddhist kingdom of Mustang, also known as Lo. The kingdom itself used to be a part of the Tibetan empire and is closely related to Tibet; not only the culture but also the landscape is very much like it. Huge boulders and rocks surrounds the region. Mustang is mostly a barren landscape where the villages with their bright colored fields are like an Oasis in deserts. The Major attraction is the culture of the people living in the region.

Tilicho Lake
Tilicho Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world at an altitude of almost 5000 meters situated in the Annapurna Range. When you are on Annapurna Circuit trek you will cross this watersheds between Manang and Kali Gandaki valleys above the 5000 meters high Thorong La pass. The area offers various accommodation sites or even teahouses past the Tlicho base camp lodge. The Lake and the trek as a whole itself is a revitalizing experience, yet a very challenging and extremely adventurous terrain.