The Tilicho Lake (5200m) is the world highest lake situated in Trans Himalayan zone in Nepal. The trekking route is the combine of the Annapunra circuit trekking. Tilicho Lake is also widely well recognized as a holy spot mentioned in the Ramayan – a popular religious book of the Hindus. Hindu pilgrims and devotees from all over the world visit the place for worship and pilgrimage. Tilicho lake trekking leads you to the fine village inhabited by a wide diversity of people from different ethnic groups, offering spectacular and majestic views of the white Himalayas.

Tilicho lake trek is a hard and adventure trek due to the higher elevation (Start  from 9700 feet to 17767 feet). Therefor Cause of high altitude most of the time tourists suffered from high-altitude sickness and tiredness. But On the way to trek each 1 to 2 hours there are available of tea houses and tourists could have enough liquids and rest to protect themselves from High altitude sickness and tiredness.

Tilicho Lake Trekking is one of the most challenging yet rewarding trek at Annapurna Region. The spectacular views of the majestic Himalayas and the glistening waters of a high altitude lake will keep you regaling your experiences for years to come So, take on the challenge of this difficult trek and the rewards will be immeasurable and a true once in a lifetime experience.