Last May of 2018, our guest and friend Harold had planned to trek to EBC – Jiri. We went to greet him up at the airport where he had landed during the evening of 6th of May. The next day was all fun, with having jet lags and giving time for body to recover from it, we all took a stroll down the  Swayambhu Nath Temple also known as the “Monkey Temple”.

The next day, May 8th in the morning we all headed to our destination. With happy faces and a desire for adventurous memories we drove east of Kathmandu through heavy traffic.

On May 8th, we rested at a hotel there. Harold even mentioned that he liked the hotel’s comfy bed. The hotel was destroyed during the massive Gorkha Earthquake, but they did a good job re building it. The next morning we continued our journey from Jiri to Shivalaya. After a good walk among the nature, we reached Shivalaya and rested at a tea house.

The journey so far seemed very pleasing as all of us were very happy to be sharing our experiences along the trails. The next day, we started early as there were more steeps to climb and more stairs to step on. We left for our next stop at around 0700 at the morning.

Along the way to the base camp, we all got to live a Nepali life style. With fresh home made like lunches and dinners and gathering around local community, everything made the journey even more special. We all got to see life that is independent of technologies that we are used to. The struggle, smile and love of the community gave us more energy to keep going.

Harold maintains a blog, where he expresses all his experiences in a beautifully crafted words. Our journey to Jiri-EBC-Lukla started from May 8th and we all returned back to Kathmandu on June 9th. We would like to thank Harold for writing such beautiful articles about his experience in trekking with our team. We hope to see you again for a next trip.