Never take trekking safety lightly.

Lighted up by the adrenalin rush caused by thoughts of adventure. We forget that while trekking is fun it is also very dangerous at times. Nepal is as beautiful as you can imagine. But also keep in mind that mother nature is unpredictable. In rural areas of Nepal, services are limited and medical attention is primitive or non-existent. Trekkers can urge for a Helicopter rescue, but that will cost 1000s of US Dollars. As a responsible trekking partner, we recommend you go prepared for any calamities. Taking safety measures keeps the trekking fun. Below we have listed a number of tips to help you be safe and have fun while trekking.

Trekking Safety Tips

  1. Don’t take a Himalayan trek lightly because of high altitude most of the time tourists suffered from high-altitude sickness and tiredness so, always carry enough water (water purifying tablets, carbon filters or alike) on the trail and stay hydrated. In rural areas of Nepal rescue services, Medical facilities are limited so, always carry lightweight first aid kit and the dry foods.
  2. Don’t take unnecessary risks and always be very careful around landslide and avalanche areas. Consult a guide or locals if a crossing looks difficult.
  3. Don’t trek alone. If you’re traveling solo consider hiring a guide or making friends to hike with and don’t make ostentatious displays of valuable possessions and don’t leave your valuables unattended.
  4. Always pay close attention to weather conditions. Before you set off, check local weather forecasts as well as get updates from local people as you trek.
  5. Leave a complete itinerary with an emergency contact and write important phone numbers on a piece of paper that will be easy to find in an emergency as well as study about your trekking itinerary completely and carefully.
  6. Always carry a map and compass or a GPS device with base maps for the area.
  7. Staying warm and dry so, wear lightweight down jacket and waterproof top-layer. Wear a warm hat and bring decent gloves, thick trekking socks and waterproof/warm footwear.

We hope that you take these tips to consideration and make your visit and trekking to Nepal full of fun and memories.