Sumitra Bhatta

Miss Sumitra Bhatta has been working as sales and corresponding personnel with Botanical Treks & Excursion since its establishment in 2002. Just after the completion of her school level education in the countryside, she had moved in Kathmandu in searched of job & continued her study. Eventually, she has completed her graduation in travel & tourism or Bachelor in Travel & Tourism Management (BTTM) from Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Management (NATHM) along her job. She was born in Feb, 1983 in Gorkha District of west Nepal, the lab of Mt. Manaslu region and historical town from where Shah Dynasty was originated. She enjoys in corresponding with different people all over the world by providing trip information. She has immense interest in writing, reading, travelling and internet surfing whereas also involves interacting with new people. She has travelled most of the popular tour destination in Nepal as well as some sort of trekking and hiking trips in Annapurna and Langtang regions. She believes that “Life is usually a normal living which is simply refers as god gifted and travelling is never ending process so, taking each day as a new challenge & a new hope of life.” She is proud in being associated with this small but much trusted company as getting the chance to promote our beautiful Himalaya country to all around the world!