The areas around the Annapurna massif is perhaps the best known trekking destination in Nepal. Annapurna is the first 8000m mountain which was climbed by French expedition in 1950th, Besides Annapurna there is another 8000m giant Dhaulagiri which is located to the west of Annapurna, between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri a valley called Kaligandaki is runs which supposed to be the deepest gorge on earth due the height of the two highest mountain. Combine this with lush fertile farming land, stands of undisturbed natural forest and mixture of different ethnic inhabitants one can have range of diverse experiences on this visit. Annapurna has ranges of geographical and climatic regions which led to diverse variety of flora and fauna. The main inhabitant of the region are Gurungs, they are famed for their cultural performances. Annapurna trekking was listed among the top ten trekking destination among the world by Lonely Planet.