In Nepal, Trekking can range in difficulty from and easy day walk on the edges of the Kathmandu Valley to a strenuous multi day Expedition to remote corners of the country. It's not just a pastime for the supremely fit adventurer but can be enjoyed by all people who possess reasonable fitness and are willing to realize their limitations. The first trekkers were the Mountaineers who, in the early 1950s were finally allowed access to the peaks of Nepal. The early explorers, such as Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman from the UK and Toni Hagen from Switzerland, established routes through areas that had never seen a foreigner. In the early days trekkers were obliged to use Tents for their accommodation and to take along large numbers of staff to support their trek. The style of trekking is still the norm in the more remote areas where there are few facilities for independent trekkers. The past decades, however, has seen the emergence of purpose build trekking Tea Houses along the most popular routes. In our trekking itineraries, we select routes, which are seldom used by others to make your trek more interesting and fun. We have a wide variety of different treks to suit our clients of all age groups and level of experience.